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Bi-Weekly Notes (17/18) - 2024

I typically compile my notes over a period of week or two. Given that I've been traveling with busy work, my entries for April and the first week of May have been on a bi-weekly basis.

🎥 💭 This week, I watched Extrapolations. It was quite a mixed bag. There was a noticeable commercial vibe throughout, but it was okay as I found myself thinking a lot about the tone of the series and the direction it's taking. I feel compelled to jot down these thoughts before they slip away.

  • The theme of "technophobia" is mostly featured in series like Black Mirror, prompting us to reflect on our uneasy relationship with technology. It's interesting to question why we feel a sense of detachment or even fear towards anything computerised or artificial.

    • One reason I thought could be our inherent trust in the reliability and control of natural elements, contrasting with the perceived limitations of technology - The fear of unknown.

    • Additionally, I often think that the core issue could be our tendency to over-rely on new innovations while undervaluing the resources we currently have. The fear that technology supplants than it supports human life and skills. This series touched upon the very assumption.

  • There is a particular story in the episode named Lola, where it revolves around a character who struggles with memory loss and relies on daily access and sync to retain his memories. It resonated with me deeply. Brain is a very fragile organ. Having experienced losses over the years, both with people and memories, I've come to appreciate journaling even more. Writing here serves as a digital archive of my life, preserving precious experiences that I might lose otherwise if only stored in my mind. While there are other ways to capture memories like photos and videos, I believe journaling and blogging uniquely capture the emotional essence of those moments, offering a space for reflection and for others to connect with your stories.

👥 Having said that, I had the opportunity to connect with a few individuals, both from work and outside. Notably, I visited Thejesh's home to meet his happy child, Uma, along with her siblings Pathu and Echo. I also had the pleasure of catching up with Yash and Suneela. Yash runs a travelogue - something I am looking forward to read and follow. I also spent the last of my weeks with my cousins and their Doggos Chooku and BB. These encounters are rare and though brief, I enjoyed the time we spent together. I borrowed yet another book from Jagan, Why we sleep by Mathew Walker.

💻 Every week serves as an example to prioritise work-life balance. Week 17 was packed with numerous tasks, all of which concluded by Tuesday, April 30th, leaving the remainder of the days with a sense of tranquility. After sailing through a wave, I am in a place where I think I have genuine contentment in what I do. In this period, I am prioritising personal satisfaction over just mere financial gain.

🧳 This year, the job crisis, particularly for freshers, is alarmingly high. I traveled to Chennai briefly for official engagements to assist in coordinating campus drive at Vel Tech and SRM, encountering atleast 1000 individuals a day. For the most part, I stayed at the Accord (sponsored by the company) and had the pleasure of catching up with the Turing Team, which, though tiring, was a much-needed and relishing experience.

☀️ It only gets hotter with time, but I did enjoy couple of surprising showers at Bangalore - especially experiencing hailstorms for the very first time in my life. Looking forward for more such showers, so I don't feel compelled to buy an AC for my room.


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