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Bi-Weekly Notes (23/24) - 2024

Updated: Jun 18

I have been very busy with low energy for the past two weeks. We are now parents for a pup. My last two weeks were mostly parenting, poor sleep quality, mood swings but lots of fun.

  • 🐶 Hemanth and I are officially parents for a 40 day pup. Although it happened in the later half of the 24th week, it definitely was the highlight. We named him TARS(after interstellar). We brought him home on Hemanth's birthday, which means double the celebration and double the mischief. He got sick with the change of environment but is recovering. Safe to say, the exhaustion is real, but so is the puppy love. He always likes to snuggle up next to me, no matter where I sit.

  • 📓 I created a web-notebook to log my travel experiences. Compiled couple of rough drafts from Nepal, but I didn't find time to publish. Hopefully, I find more time this week (really hope!).

  • 📻 I used to be a great fan of RadioLab, but I've noticed some episodes are really over the top. For instance, in this episode they proposed the idea of tiny black holes as the cause for the Tunguska event in Siberia during the 1920s, a theory that leans more towards pseudo-science than fact. As I was exploring alternatives, I discovered Darknet diaries through Rohit's blogpost. I liked listening to some of them.

  • 🎉 I attended Jingle Land concert with friends and had an amazing time, the most fun I've had in nearly ten years when it comes to outdoor events.

  • 💻 Work has been all over the place, juggling everything from outdoor events to parenting duties with TARS. I should catch up on pending tasks soon.

  • ☁️ Lately, I've been having quite a few mood swings, which might be hormonal and have really thrown off my sleep schedule. I've found myself waking up at 4AM drenched in sweat, especially after a nights out. It's a telltale sign of aging. With the addition of TARS in the last few days, the sleepless nights have multiplied, thanks to his boundless energy. But despite the exhaustion, every wag and playful moment with our new pup makes it all completely worthwhile.


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