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Overdose of Heat and its Interpretations

Updated: Jan 16

Heat, which I always attribute to agitation turns out to be a mystery all of a sudden. I laid my ear piece on my laptop for few hours and I had to take them and put on to my ears to watch videos. I touched them; It was hot. “Chill down atoms, you are all so fierce to emit a lot more energy that my soft tissues are weak enough to bear. Please calm down to let me watch some videos”, I mumbled.

Wait, did I say fierce?

A memory aroused; It was a memory of a cafe. I remember myself as so steamed and stressed out after a hard day at work that I chose coffee day to attain serenity. I rushed up to the counter and ordered cappuccino(Undeniably the hot ones). After a long raging minutes, they arrived. I held the cup tight and smelled the essence. Those invisible chemicals nourished all beautiful memories I had.

Of course, any supplements you take often turns out to be an addiction in a few days time. I licked the hot liquid mixture usually termed as “coffee”. And yes, the fragrance fostered memories with music hitting onto my ear drums. I felt as if all my fiery neurons attained its own serenity with hot caffeine.

It is the same heat that calms me down when it enters my body. Wonder! We all do have our own way of interpretations with different time & space.


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