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It's voting time

I play a teeny-tiny, still, a crucial part. All of us do.

In voting, I am effectively choosing a representative for the state I live in. Recognising the types of governance I wish to avoid has been straightforward to me; however, pinpointing the ideal is decidedly more complicated.

Considering in mind the current events happening around, I took some time today to jot down my own criteria for making choices.

  • [Transparency] No single leader can be the sole saviour of the world. I value candidates who prioritise transparency in governance. It’s crucial that they engage in open communication and hold themselves accountable to the public, making sure their actions and decisions are transparent and justifiable in terms of their impact on the community. I feel It's important not to be ashamed to confront issues openly and constructively.

  • [Nurturing unity] I would lean to favour candidates who promote unity over division, uphold the rights of all communities without resorting to intimidation, and refrain from worsening national divisions. When I run into a public space(road, mall, station, or theatre), ideally the thought of passing judgments should itself be disconcerting. I want to regard those around me simply as fellow beings, without having to feel threatened based on their food, caste, or religion.

  • [Not favouring one] I am drawn to those who commit to fostering secular values and federalism, recognising that while we may not be fully secular yet, there is a promise to strive toward greater inclusivity. Just like how each individuals/families adapt their own principles to meet their specific needs, federalism allows each state to tailor its educational policies, health regulations, and economic strategies to best fit its residents' needs.

  • [Strategies over ambiguous promises] I appreciate those who prioritise clear, actionable strategies over ambiguous promises, particularly those who recognise and address societal challenges with effective legislation. Instead of empty promises to eliminate issues like corruption, I look for someone who acknowledges these challenges and commits to enacting laws to address. When I tell my company, I can solve this. My manager would ask, whats your plan. It is important we ask candidates the same.

  • I would support candidates with a deep understanding of economic complexities, and prefer those who base their decisions on solid evidence, even if it challenges their personal beliefs. Imagine someone emotionally attached to buying a certain car brand because of childhood memories. But after checking safety and reliability, they find potential risks like frequent breakdowns. Despite the emotional tie, they choose a safer option

  • I would choose to vote for representatives willing to consider diverse perspectives and make informed decisions, even if these challenge their own views.

While we may not have candidates who would meet all of these, I will try to choose a lesser evil option.


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