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Migrating WIX posts to a new blog using RSS

RSS(expands to Really Simple Syndication - it's not what you think it is), is a simple protocol represented in XML format, that contains your webpage's metadata.

The beauty of RSS lies in its simplicity and versatility. Instead of manually visiting multiple websites to check for updates, it can help you notify whenever a post/article goes up.

Note: It was between 2005 and 2006 when RSS gained widespread use.

This post is an attempt to share my experience of migrating to a newly hosted platform using RSS feeds.

Why did I migrate from WiX?

First of all, the frustration stemmed from the lack of control over posts. WiX's content management system (CMS) imposes certain restrictions on how content can be created, organised, and managed. I don't own the database. Without direct access to the DB or the ability to implement custom solutions, I found myself constrained by WiX's predefined templates and functionalities. Additionally, I didn't migrate entirely exactly. All I did was added a listener to a newly hosted platform.

How did I migrate?


I do not have a listener yet. Rather, right now whenever a post gets published, I manually call `/GET refresh-data` to refresh my redis. I will soon setup a CRON to auto update my redis on twice-a-week basis. You can find my git here. (The code is very messy and amateur for now, will work on that). I am also looking forward to publish my data.

I generally am passionate about organisation, design, and the freedom to express myself. For me, organisation isn't just about tidying up clutter; it's about structuring content in a way that enhances clarity, accessibility, and user experience.

Beyond traditional blog posts, the hosted platform serves as a canvas for sharing more than just words. I'm excited to leverage this space to publish more architectural designs, providing insights into my thoughts, methods, and best practices.


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