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Weekly notes (05/2024)

This week unfolded like a wave, with its fair share of ups and downs.

  • I generally avoid delving too deep into dream interpretation, as my friend often quotes that they mostly function as a means to process and manage emotions. But I want to log this particular dream, as it seemed to pretty much symbolise the start of my week. I took below notes as soon as I opened my eyes.

I wake up to this world that has moved out of any form of extremism. No religious dogma, no overwhelming feelings, even the most intimate aspects of life were subdued. I couldn't quite grasp what had transpired in the meantime. All I had to rely on was some written text suggesting that we had moved past those aspects.

I am in a room; quite big. Has only two colours primarily. White and Blue. The beds in this room are uniformly white, as are the bedsheets, while the pillows provide a striking contrast in blue. At first, I've got this awesome setup with a big bed, a desk, and a chair. I felt a sense of sadness, as if I could be trapped there indefinitely. The windows were permanently shut. No sunlight whatsoever.

  • With respect to personal projects, I have at last created a github account that I had been putting off for a long time. Also penned a post about it. I am looking forward to do more in the upcoming weeks.

  • I attended eChai Startup meet in Koramangala. Met someone who does research on sustainable development. Had some interesting discussions related to the scope for open data, followed by a separate series of conversations with another friend I met after a long time.

  • I binged yet another podcast of `The Seen and Unseen`, a prequel to the one I heard last week. Again my main draw was Krish Ashok. By now, I believe I've heard plenty from him. I'll give a new one a try next week. Nonetheless, here are observations I quickly jotted on the go,

    • Its noteworthy to think that we spend most of our time working for work than actual work. Has its own pros & cons.

    • Its okay to make mistakes, only repetition can help refine approach.

    • As a society, we should thrive to reach a state where the person with even most mediocre health has a fantastic chance at life.

    • Amount of food you eat is far more important than what you eat.

    • We are grappling with a delicate balance between, "Large engagement being the issue" and "Suppressing voices not being a wise approach."

  • Apart from all gyans, I learnt something new. A pineapple takes anywhere from 18 to 32 months to fully ripen. I developed this profound sense for the fact that I took a snap during my weekly grocery shopping.


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