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Weekly notes (08/2024)

My week was packed with activities, so I'm documenting each one visually with pictures.

  • The week kick started with a visit to pole dance studio nearby. I was initially excited to try it out, but my overall experience wasn't as positive as I had hoped. I personally wouldn't go there anymore. However, I do still have the desire to visit this studio sometime soon.

  • I've dusted off my piano keys—they've been up in the attic for a while. I always get a bit emotional when they're around. Hoping this time, playing around will be a different experience. I'm happy to stay consistent with it.

  • I attended Target Elevate meetup, thanks to Pavi(sis-in-law) for the referral. I connected with someone involved in tech for Karnataka government startups—who's also responsible for funding them. Managed to grab her email. We had a good brief lunch chat before heading back. I am hoping to meet Geetha Manjunath next year.

  • I messaged Krish Ashok on Instagram, and to my surprise, he liked my message (shyness overloaded with grins!). I think it's important to log this seemingly silly event because initially, I was naive about AI tools and didn't realise the importance of critical thinking in an age of information overload. I'm glad I took a step and confronted with him.

  • I wrote a post on Gratitude. I felt its important to acknowledge my perspective and expressing gratitude to the people and moments that have influenced me along my journey.

  • I watched the movie Bramayugam over the weekend. Had a truly unique experience with good company. It's been a while since I last watched a movie in a theatre, and now I'm eager to do it more often.

  • The week wrapped up with some stargazing, and it happened to coincide with a full moon night, bathing the sky in bright light. I am using Celestron NexStar SLT Mount. Its computerised but I haven't fully explored its capabilities yet, as I'm still comfortable with manual mode. The Tyco crater stood out clearly in the telescope. I want to map out the regions I observe closely someday.


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