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Weekly notes (11/2024)

  • This week felt a bit different with the chipmunk scene. Usually, we’ve got a whole squad of them darting around, but now it’s just this one tiny, new guy who seems pretty spooked. It's kind of funny how things change, even in the world of chipmunks.

  • Speaking of work, I recently started a new project thanks to an ex-colleague. It's really interesting, but I've been too busy to blog about it. I should find some time for that; sharing the experience could be useful, both for me and anyone who might read it.

  • Recently, I've begun to find solace in star gazing. Although the night sky often seems uneventful, it never fails to leave me in a state of awe. It helps me to unwind and gather my thoughts under the tranquil blanket.

  • After recent Calisthenics workshop, It really hits home when reflecting on the ups and downs of learning and coaching. Speaking of which, Hemanth has been like a coach to me in more ways than one - photography, art, you name it. Sure, he drives me up the wall sometimes when he’s picking out my mistakes, but honestly, I’ve learned heaps in these 5 years. Lately he also learned to tweak the ways to give me feedbacks which is good.

  • Lately, I’ve been buzzing with energy, and I’m not entirely sure where it’s all coming from. Maybe it’s the food, the sleep, or just realising that keeping busy keeps me sane. It’s interesting how you find that drive to just keep pushing on, learning new stuff, and trying not to stay still for too long.

  • I have also been reading quite a lot this week. I added Om Malik's blog to my reading mix, which includes a variety of topics that focus on human-centric writing, technology, and creativity. I liked his post on 'write like human'. Below are the blogs I closely follow for now.


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