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Weekly Notes (19/2024)

Updated: May 13

This week: Bangalore rains, balanced work -life, and a desire to travel.

  • ⚙️ I have been busy migrating my current blog to a newly self hosted platform using RSS feeds. Most likely you'll be reading my posts exclusively on the new site from now on. I will be writing a detailed post on that shortly.

  • 📻 I listened to a couple of podcasts this week, where I stumbled upon an economist, Rohit Lambda. He recommended to read one of the renowned books by Ram Guha, India after Gandhi. The very first page from the book,  Why should history stop at 1947 caught my attention. I am enticed to read more.

  • 💰 I have recently acquired a term-life insurance and I'm not fully onboard with the idea just yet. I often find the process murky and unethical - payment precedes verification. It should be otherwise, which leaves me questioning the value and necessity of one in my life.

  • 🦥 I had a peaceful Sunday morning where time almost stood still. Like a sloth in its habitat, I spent nearly an hour flipping through the newspaper and enjoyed some bird watching.

  • ▶️ I finally took the plunge and purchased YouTube premium account. It is so much more tailored to my needs and subscriptions unlike other social media platforms. I like that I can dial down the distractions by just turning off recommendations.

  • ☔ Bangalore is finally blessed with showers; A much relief from all the scorching heat. I worked mostly out of clayworks-a-co-working space which had an open roof-top, allowing me to stay more productive with a pleasant ambience. It definitely did instil my urge to do a workation, a touch of wanderlust to the week.


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