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Weekly Notes - (20/2024)

This week: Felt fast paced and hence the early notes. It was mostly consumption with little time for creation - YouTube, Spotify, Books & Procreate; Each day felt different.


  • I enjoy baking my own creations which motivated me to take a step further and run a self-hosted website where I manage on my own. From running the server to troubleshooting issues, I like handling the challenges that come my way. I created issues to work on both client and server side, and I'm excited to solve them.

  • Having said that, I also made it a point to sketch every week for the cover post. It felt good to sketch again after months. Hoping to maintain this pace.

  • I was mostly behind the walls either watching, reading or listening. It felt like a nostalgic journey back to my teen years, focussing mainly on space/brain science.

    • I spent sometime on YouTube learning about LIGO. Previously, I had only heard, but I didn't know the extent of its significance. Each time we pointed new instrument to the universe, nature has revealed enormous things to us. I felt amused. Here is a quick link to a 3-min video summary.

    • This week's Spotify was mostly dedicated to RadioLab. I particularly enjoyed two episodes: Memory and Forgetting and The Moon itself, both offering unique perspectives.

    • I listened to Cosmic Queries by Neil D Tyson with Janna Levin. She is one the few renowned female cosmologists alive today. I loved her metaphor about photons existing in two states simultaneously. Below is her quote from the podcast,

Let's just quickly describe the many worlds interpretation. It says it doesn't even have to be as fancy as quantum entanglement. It just says a particle can be in more than one state. So the analogy I like to give, I dunno if I've done it here before, is, is chords in music versus individual notes in music. Okay. So let's say I play a chord and it's a definite chord. Right. That is a super position of certain notes. Yep. So I can't simultaneously be in a single state of one note and in the state of the chords.

  • Work was mostly light this week, allowing me to spend more time researching. I discovered langchain which offers very unique packages. I was experimenting with their openai libraries. I am hoping to integrate some of them into my work-stream.

  • Bangalore had some nice showers this week, making it feel like the city I remember. I will be travelling soon, which I'm looking forward to.


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