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Bi-Weekly Notes (21/22) - 2024

I was traveling last week, so it's a bi-weekly update this time. My last two weeks were mostly Travel, Mountains, Work, Spotify and Movies.

  • Sometimes its hard to forget certain days - like the past 2 weeks. I recently travelled to Sissu in Himachal and it turned out to be one of the best solo's I've taken in a while. Waking up to different places each day made time feel like it was moving slower.(On a similar context, I listened to a podcast that talks on how memory works and how it impacts time). I also did couple of treks(Will write a separate post about that ). Below is a brief overview.

    • Waterfall trek : It was a short but steep hike from the place I stayed. The only way to reach the top is via zipline followed by a hike since the bridge is broken. Being summer, I encountered lush green valleys surrounded by snow-capped peaks with Chandra River flowing by the side —a view not to be missed.

    • Monastery trek : It is yet another short but steep hike situated in a village above Sissu. The hike itself was a bliss, reminding me of the setting from the movie "Up".

  • As a promise to myself, I sketched the above landscape using procreate. It closely resembles a view from my memory. I also did spend a good amount of time writing and am looking forward to sharing them in the upcoming posts.

  • Work was mostly research + automations. I did write couple of python scripts to automate some of the mundane tasks at work and explored the possibilities of langchain with one my ex colleague and a good friend of mine. One of the days at WeWork, I helped a young guy with his deployment. We ended up working together for an extra 4-5 hours to make sure everything was completed. It was a time spent well.

  • I invested sometime learning math. I got to know about Erdős number. It measures how closely a mathematician's work is connected to the Hungarian mathematician, Paul Erdős. It sparked my interest and I dedicated a day learning his work on graph theory. I felt sad about growing distant from something I once loved. Now, I want to start from the basics to learn integration and differential calculus.

  • I watched Aavesham. It was super fun and I believe only FaFa could pull off such a character so well. I am also watching older episodes of Modern love. Some episodes were good, while others were just okay. I particularly liked the one starring Anne Hathaway.

  • Bangalore is back with regular showers but, I'm currently in Chennai and missed experiencing the hailstorms. With the heatwave sweeping across India, its a relief to see some rain in south. This isn't just a local phenomenon; it's part of a global trend. While efforts are being made to control emissions, I believe more comprehensive and coordinated actions are required globally to mitigate the effects of climate change.


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