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Weekly notes (03/2024)

  1. This is my first weekly note post and I’m happy about it. I started a public notebook finally, it has been in my long pending todo-list. (At-least some personal events pushed me to purse).

  2. I have been consistently visiting workspaces. Mostly WeWork. I use myHQ app regularly. Should start tracking the amount I spend visiting workspaces. 

  3. One of the days, I happened to meet a young product manager at WeWork, just out of college, waved me at work. I helped her with the product feedback that was tool tip using figma. Had fun with the kid, her name was "Swasthika".

  4. I started following Thejesh's blog regularly. His blogs inspired me to post weekly notes. I liked the way he kept things simple and easy to follow. Hope I continue to write for a decade from now atleast.

  5. I also collated some of the other blogs using his blogring. I was reading and discovering all new random blogs every night this week. The routine is good. 

  6. I do not regularly stay in touch with friends. I should learn to. One of the goals for this year. I am meeting some of my old friends this weekend. I terribly miss a few but it’s necessary at this point. Time will heal many things, including your emotions. I give it to time.

  7. Work is good as well. I am excited about the projects (both personal and professional), I would be taking up this year.

  8. Trying to get back to minimalism. Although I do still spend on clothing, hoping to reduce such costs. 

  9. I am trying to be less active in Insta, and more on Twitter. I find Twitter and Reddit more comfortable to other SM platforms. Insta is good for logging pics.

  10. I am cooking on weekly basis. Daily, I make sure I do atleast prep for cooking. I am starting a new family now.


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