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Weekly notes (06/2024)

My week unfolded smoothly, starting with an intriguing café experience and ending with an enjoyable trek at Gokarna.

  • I booked the trek through Thrillophilia and had a great group of people to trek and interact with.

  • Everywhere I go, I see orange flags. Now that there is a strong representation, it conveys some sort of revolution. For better or worse, at this point, I think we as a people would gain clarity only as we experience repercussions.

We as people neither demand info nor accountability. - The crooked timber of new India

  • This week, I also came across few interesting blogs to go through. One of them is this. He publishes lot of insights with data and also writes about how he does it.

  • As the post gets published, I am sitting under a roof top cafe, with peace. Overall, I'm content with my current situation and eagerly anticipate upcoming activities in the weeks ahead.


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