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Weekly notes (07/2024)

I like planning.

On my computer is a folder that has the instructions for my funeral, notes to my partner and a summary of all the activities I do, including the financials and other important documents.

I recently watched the movie Goodnight and added it to my personal log. Someday I plan to share some of the collection on my site. Maybe my list will mean something to my future self or someone else.

Our guest has finally been royally honoured with a wooden chair by Hemanth. Consciously or not, Chipmunks tend to maintain remarkable punctuality for their breakfast timings. This week, I have been mostly lounging on my balcony, sightseeing. Thanks to the recent trek, my sleep continues to improve, ensuring a relaxing start to my days - Progress.

I indulged in a little self-gift, Cason 8 X 40 HD vision bino. The purpose was intended for trekking and star gazing, but I also happen to enjoy the charm of balcony views. I tried to capture what I see through the lens via my phone camera.

You can click to zoom in on each of them

Work has been quite productive. We're eagerly awaiting the results and feedback for several experiments we conducted.

During breaks, I also sat through to read many blogs. I find joy in these unexpected connections especially sneaking through their weekly notes. It's like a chat with an unseen friend. Thejesh's blogring became a treasure trove for such discoveries.

  • Rohit's entries caught my attention quite a few times, mostly because its devoid of pictures and he keeps the language simple.

  • Tom CritchLow's insights on Digital gardening has been an insightful read.

  • Thejesh also introduced me to this journal where I occasionally dive in for art and literature related entries.

  • For Tech, I am currently reading Julia Evans', especially for her tips on git.

Now that I have subscribed to many blogs, I've organised my Gmail for easier reading of subscriptions. I have also been considering to migrate from Wix to WordPress to allow more room for customisations and feeds for my blog.


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