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Weekly notes (09/2024)

This week: Great movies, Busy work and a couple of interesting songs to hook up.

🌞 Few days of the week appeared as if summer is already here. It was very hot. We bought quite a few flowering plants but it felt challenging to upkeep them with the scorching heat outside.

🏩 I visited Lall Bagh with family. We initially explored on foot but found it a bit dull. However, when we joined another group in a jeep, the experience transformed as we delved into the rich history of the place. One of my favorite experiences was seeing the 250+ year old cotton tree.

💻 A significant portion of my work went in MLOPS and I acquired quite a few intriguing insights about Pytorch using CUDA with Nvidia. I will write a separate post about it.

💭 One of the days was a reminder to myself that, 'You are not who you are yesterday'. People evolve, circumstances change, and sometimes, individuals discard you when they no longer require your presence. People, much like any machine, possess flaws

🎥 The last few days of the week was just movies. It has been just 2 months down the year and we already have a bunch of Mollywood gracing the screens. I watched a lot of Mayalayam movies but fell in love majorly with the two. Manjummel boys and Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakam . Few of the best I had ever seen in the recent times regardless of the language. It's been quite some time since I've enjoyed movies this much.


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