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Weekly notes (10/2024)

This week felt so long as if it spanned a month, filled with so many events(mostly fun). I will summarise it briefly here.

🤝🏼 To begin with, met my office colleagues after almost an year gap. We had so much fun meeting up and at the same time had a really productive week with interesting conversations and ideas popping up now and then. I tried bowling, and laser tag. Felt like college times.

🖖🏾 Interestingly, one of the colleagues' partner happened to be a Star Trek TNG fan. Although I didn't keep track of time, it was so refreshing to see yet another woman enjoying Star Trek just like how I did. It went on for few hours that my manager had to pull me back for work politely.

💻 I was more occupied with work in the first half, leaving me no time to blog my learnings. However, the theme was very much focused on 'Getting things done'.

🥛 Karnataka is facing a significant water crisis, prompting the need for conservation. We're making efforts to save water wherever possible.

💭 One of my days to office, I travelled in Maruti 800. I had a reflection and took this note.

📝 Seeing the driver manually shift retro gears—increasingly rare with today's automatic and Tesla's self-driving cars—sparked a thought. Humanity as a whole, is about endless learning and sharing, making knowledge more accessible for everyone. Despite our current shortcomings in our political and social views, our continuous quest for knowledge and improvisation gives me hope for a better future as a whole, someday. We will get there.

👥 I planned to catch up with a former colleague and friend from Peppo, but unfortunately, she was ill and couldn't meet. On a brighter note, I was both surprised and humbled to see Thejesh mention my blog in his weekly roundup. This week also brought new friendships, including one with a woman from Kerala who owns a dog and lives nearby. I'm looking forward to staying connected.

🤸 The later part of the week was into activities. I met Satya, who is one of the few women in calisthenics, especially from south. She runs a Calisthenics park in Bangalore and I participated in the Calisthenics girls India championship beginner workout routine. Having taken a break from training for about 4-5 months, I was happy that I could complete the circuit. Thanks to my trainer (Vaibhav) who kept motivating me although I didn't turn up to him for months now and obviously Hemanth who makes sure I sleep well and eat on regular basis :). Pavi(my sis-in-law) suggested that I make this into weekly post as a fast forwarded one. You can find it below.


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