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Weekly Notes - (25/2024)

This week - TARS, parent-hood, socialising, LLMs and revisiting old memories.

  • 🐕 My primary focus has been on TARS's health this week. He became quite ill after arriving, leading to at least four vet visits in five days due to a food allergy. Fortunately, he's improving now. We've also taken to cleaning the house more thoroughly for him, as he loves hiding in corners, making it a fun challenge to find him sometimes. This week, he also let out his first puppy bark, and he's becoming happier each day.

  • 👥 We visited another set of paw parents, Alan and Belga, to help TARS socialise. They have a 2.5-year-old named Eva, who is absolutely adorable. We were pleasantly surprised to see that TARS behaved so well and was eager to play with her. We are now little bit more confident that he wouldn't be shy to explore. I am looking forward to introducing TARS to my cousins and their dogs, BB and Chooku, in a couple of weeks. I also can't wait to watch him grow up.

  • ✍🏽 I wrote an article on My days in Nepal and planning to write more about my travel journeys. On that account, I have been mostly listening to Dirtbag diaries , introduced by Thej, which has got more episodes on travel. I also started following Veritasium in youtube. I liked this one.

  • 💻 I made couple of designs this week with less to code. Spent most of my time trying to understand Text-Classification models. Had some interesting ideas shared with my colleagues. I also spent sometime fine tuning my blog. Will be releasing new features to categorise web-notebook soon.


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