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Bi-Weekly Notes (15/16) - 2024

I couldn't write for the past two weeks because I've been tied up, so this month, my notes have been bi-weekly. Below, I'm combining the updates from the past two weeks into one summary.

  • At work, I heavily rely on GPT for coding. It often feels like something straight out of a Star Trek scene. I seek help from AI to generate test cases or fix bugs, kind of like how they use voice commands in the show and movies. ChatGPT is my goto. Although I use it cautiously, primarily to speed up my searches. I still rely on Google for verification and deeper research

  • I am in Chennai, celebrated Tamil New Year with family. It was a lot of fun, especially visiting my partner's nephew—we played quite a bit! I also made it to the beach and caught up with several friends. I'll be heading back to Bangalore later this week.

  • I recently cast my vote in the Lok Sabha elections. I also wrote a post on it. Each post I publish also serves as a personal reminder to change the hosting for my website. I'm looking forward to tackling more projects and clearing the decks for new beginnings.

  • I visited OM Book shop in VR Mall; Purchased Annihilation of caste. Something I am not 'very' familiar with to make an opinion. I am looking forward to reading more before forming interpretations. I also came across a book called Chai Chai, which is a travel diary. It seemed like a perfect read for on-the-go moments. Having said that, My friend once shared a tip on choosing books: always go with your current mood. If you're excited about a book now, buy it before the enthusiasm fades. So, the buying spree is still on.

  • I enjoy reading blogs at night, but since Chrome on my iPhone doesn’t have a reading mode, I’ve switched to using Safari. I keep a bookmarked reading list there. I recently read, Don't Get Into a Box on India Uncut's Substack. It was good.

  • I've found myself in a love-hate relationship with Apple products. On one hand, I appreciate the comfort and seamless integration that items like AirPods and Safari's reading mode offer. On the other hand, such simplicity sometimes feels restrictive, limiting my ability to tailor the tech to my needs. The relationship is complicated.

  • Recently, Kadam has been on repeat for me especially when I am travelling. Whether I'm in an auto, cab, bus, train, or flight, it's my soundtrack for the journey and this season. My mom says, it sounds like for someone who feels a bit lost in life. Even though I don't understand Hindi well, the music still resonates with me—it just feels good.

  • Lately, I've been overwhelmed with personal and professional issues, making it hard to focus on reading or detailed studies. However, I've started to slow down. Week 15 has been particularly positive. It feels good to find some calm in the chaos.


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