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Weekly notes (12/2024) - Pause, Intrigue, Change

I have been riding a massive swell of thoughts, so I've segmented them into sections.


I have been keeping myself busy for quite sometime now. But that tells that I am escaping reality. This week is a reminder to myself that I am missing to prioritise my needs and confront — sailing along with the wave. One of the things I like about weekly notes is that it also gives a closure to the week, as if there is an end to whatever the week renders — good or bad. So, let this week put an end to such distractions. It's about prioritising what I need, over just rolling with whatever comes my way.


My favourite book is finally made into series - Three body problem. They've done an excellent job of bringing the book's elements to life with added drama, and I'm really into it. I plan to finish watching it this week. A particular line from the series really made me think of our tendency as humans to lie and manipulate. How scary it is for a completely different being to trust us. It got me wondering, what if we lived in a world where we communicated our thoughts directly, without needing to filter or frame them in words? I am curious.


Switching up where I work—from the formal vibe of WeWork to the laid-back scenes of cafes and restaurants, has helped flipped the script on how I think. One of the days, I sat through to read the Om Malik's blog post on AI is changing. We're always adapting to new tools, sometimes kicking and screaming. Like, remember when people freaked out over food processors taking over traditional grinding stones? Or how fridges meant we didn't have to cook three times a day? It got me thinking that AI's just another tool. It might make life easier, maybe even spare us from heavy thinking now and then, but at the end of the day, it's here to help as a tool, just in a new way.


  • Workout: Joined 10 day parkour class. Tried something new apart from usual calisthenics. It was so much fun and inspiring.

  • Friendships: Met a whole new bunch this week. Lately, I've been encountering individuals from Kerala, finding a common wavelength with them over the past few months.

  • Outlook: Gave a makeover to my look — coloured my hair once again, kept it subtle.

  • Books: Was half way to reading Einstein's Dreams referred by my friend. It started off really good, but didn't find time to complete. I am targeting to finish it this week.

  • Work: I'm facing a particularly busy week ahead. It's an opportunity to stretch beyond my usual limits and refine my workflow, steering towards efficiency.


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